Are you helping support someone with a disability?


Community Tyze is an online tool that brings people together around someone who may benefit from support.

If you have a disability or know someone with a disability, chances are you could use a hand. Community Tyze is a simple way to get organized and keep everyone informed.

  • Save time Send updates to everyone you designate at once from anywhere
  • Get organized Keep track of everything in one place. Appointments and documents can be easily stored and accessed.
  • Reduce stress Share the care – Easily let family and friends know how to help.
  • Stay connected Share news and goals. Post stories and photos.
  • Create a private support space

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What our customers are saying…

“By keeping connected it was useful in knowing how to help our friends.”

“It helped knowing my family was connected to members
of their community, as I live a long way from them.”

Friends and family understand the situation better and so can
offer me better support.”

I can share my goals with my supports and now we are
all on the same page, I can relax.” 

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