What is Community Tyze?


National Disability Institute, in collaboration with Saint Elizabeth, a leading nonprofit Canadian home health care provider, have established Community Tyze, a secured online platform that will allow individuals with disabilities in the U.S., and older Americans, to create their own personal support network.

Community Tyze builds on the positive experiences, of more than 10,000 Tyze users in Canada, to enhance communication by allowing individuals with disabilities to create their own trusted support network among chosen family members, friends and paid support staff. According to research findings by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Tyze personal networks were documented to reduce social isolation, increase family support, improve communication between paid and unpaid caregivers and reduce healthcare expenditures.

Community Tyze offers a wide spectrum of functional and practical elements including:

  • Wall to post announcements and exchange supporting messaging among all network members. The wall is a place to celebrate the contributions and achievements of the person at the center of the network;
  • Calendar of events that offers the network owner and network members an avenue to be more informed about the daily activities of the network owner. The calendar is more than a way to keep appointments and track tasks; the calendar can be used by members to invite the owner to events and activities to become more involved in the community;
  • Ability to share photos, videos and stories to make a real world of difference in the quality of life of the individual at the center of the circle of support;
  • Protected online vault to store important documents that can be shared with selected network members, and a request message board that can communicate requests by and to the network owner by anyone in their circle of support; and
  • Section on money and finance to learn about resources and tools to build the financial capability of the owner and all their network members assess financial knowledge and advance financial security. Access to online financial educational tool, LifeCents, is also available to all Community Tyze network owners.

Community Tyze can also connect users of this unique and simple to use personal network platform with other TYZE personal network users, with similar needs and interests, to further expand the meaning of inclusive communities.

Community Tyze is currently running a beta test and, in the future, will be made available through state Medicaid agencies, nonprofit organizations and directly to individuals with disabilities and individuals who are aging.

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